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Solutions for Food/Beverage

Soluble and insoluble waste: The Tribrid-Bioreactor™ handles both.

The Tribrid-Bioreactor™ is a powerful organic wastewater processor specifically designed and built for the heterogeneous mixture of wastewater and solid residuals generated by food and beverage manufacturing. By treating both particulate solids and soluble organics as one, the Tribrid-Bioreactor eliminates the need to separate out suspended solids and truck them away.

The benefits are significant.  Food & beverage manufacturers can now:

  1. Efficiently treat heterogeneous waste while increasing production uptime
  2. Save millions on buffering pretreatment chemicals
  3. Reduce carbon footprint
  4. Develop feasible water and energy reclamation and co-generation strategies
  5. Significantly reduce surcharge costs and dependencies on municipal water supplies

For specific case studies and information on how PurposeEnergy has created end-to-end wastewater treatment solutions for food & beverage facilities, contact Todd Hasselbeck, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, at todd.hasselbeck@purposeenergy.com.

Solutions for Food/Beverage
Solutions for Food/Beverage