Wastewater Solutions

How It Works

PurposeEnergy custom configures wastewater systems that do more than process wastewater.  They can also reclaim water for reuse, generate biogas for boiler use or co-generation, and produce fertilizer.

While every solution we design and build is different, our high-efficiency Tribrid-Bioreactor™ is the powerhouse at the heart of every PurposeEnergy wastewater treatment system.

Step 1 – Biological Treatment

Converts carbons into biogas:

  • Decouples solids and hydraulic online pharmacy drugs retention times
  • Particulate and suspended solids are solubllized in the outer chamber of reactor
  • Soluble organics are treated in both the outer chamber and high rate inner chamber

Step 2 – Tertiary Treatment

Custom, post-digestion processing including:

  • Water reuse/reclamation
  • Suspended Solids Removal
  • Phosphorus and nitrogen removal
  • Biogas conditioning—use biogas to run your boiler, co-generation, as transportation fuel, or pipeline injection

Soluble and high solids wastewater: The Tribrid-Bioreactor™ handles both