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BLiTZ™ Feasibility Study

Food and beverage manufacturers of all sizes call on us to audit and provide organic waste remediation and technology recommendations for their plants.

Called the PurposeEnergy BLiTZ Feasibility Study, this consultative service is an in-depth audit that evaluates a customer’s current wastewater strategy and solution.  These engagements are highly-customized according to the specific needs and circumstances of the customer’s processes, production environment, and constraints.

For example, we assess and recommend options that overcome issues with fresh waster availability or limited energy access.  Our team also knows how to successfully navigate stringent, often highly technical regulations in order to ensure solutions are compliant with federal, state, and municipal waste treatment requirements.

In some cases, we are simply hired to perform the BLiTZ Feasibility Study for clients that want an expert and objective third party evaluation of their wastewater strategy.  For others, it is the first phase of a PurposeEnergy end-to-end wastewater solution.

BLiTZ Feasibility Study assessments include:

  • In-depth wastewater and organic load (BOD/COD) strategy and solution evaluation
  • Water reclamation and reuse strategy and solution
  • Carbon footprint assessment
  • Biogas projections and co-generation opportunities
  • Detailed ROI analysis, if appropriate, for recommended system upgrade or replacement
BLiTZ™ Feasibility Study
BLiTZ™ Feasibility Study