What We Do
We make one heck of an anaerobic digester.


Ultimately, our goal is to bring as much production efficiency as possible to water usage, wastewater, energy, and carbon management strategies.

If the results from the Blitz Engineering Study phase indicate an opportunity for a turnkey solution featuring our high-efficiency Tribrid-Bioreactor™, we begin the preconstruction design and engineering process.  During this phase, we provide a detailed action plan that includes:

  • Best-of-breed turnkey, end-to-end solution including materials handling systems and biological treatment
  • Optional systems such as nutrient recovery, tertiary treatment, water reclamation, biogas treatment, and co-generation systems
  • All permitting
  • Project coordination with any solution partners/sub-contractors
  • Site work including excavation, stormwater remediation, concrete, and utilities

Customized, end-to-end solution

We customize our wastewater solutions according to the customer’s buy generic zolpidem tartrate specific production needs and wastewater remediation plan; using best-of-breed components provided by our global technology partners (such as GE filtration membranes). Auxiliary, bolt-on components, such as water reclamation and co-generation sub-systems, are sourced from partners and designed into the solution.

The Benefits of Pre-Fabrication

Our turnkey wastewater solutions are pre-fabricated and then brought to the customer’s plant for installation.  Not only is it more cost efficient to pre-fabricate the solution in our own facility, it makes assembly at the customer’s site faster. This minimizes production interruption as we get the system up and running.  It also improves project safety by significantly reducing the duration of the on-site construction.